<![CDATA[Cairns Learn to Swim - My Training]]>Wed, 30 Aug 2017 15:47:08 -0500Weebly<![CDATA[New year! 2016]]>Sat, 16 Jan 2016 03:29:34 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/new-year-2016New year, with lots of exciting things on the cards for this year. With the move to the new house means the option to cultivate a new water space. So there will be lots of trials and tests to get all the logistics sorted so keep an eye out for free and bonus sessions before the launch later in the year.

​New bub is due at the end of March, so it is a delicate juggling act over the next 6 months to keep everything going, I have a sneaking suspicion that this could be the easy bit even though it may not feel that way right now!

<![CDATA[New Term! Busy, Busy, Busy]]>Tue, 30 Jun 2015 00:47:02 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/new-term-busy-busy-busyYep, definitley a big gap since the last post. New term is full on lots of lessons so lest time to post, but I am getting back into it. Another open water swim coming up at Lake Barrie. Key elements - swimming in a straight line, so lots of work today getting the rhythm and spotting just right!

Its been a couple of weeks as I have had a cold virus that wiped me out and has put me back by quite a bit. 1.5km pool time in a 50m at Woree on Sunday  a couple of weeks ago was 32 min 50,  Averaging 2min 10 per 100m with a few rests so some work to do.

Building stroke without the break 500m time 11.17 no rest. Is my base to work from. If I can hold a straight line and keep the rhythm the aim for the next swim open water swim is 35min.

This weeks swim preparation was Monday 1km, Tuesday 1km today 2km is which my goal was 45min. It took me 44.47 so fingers crossed for Sunday.
Additional swims planned this week are 1.5km on Thursday and 1km on Friday...

Goggles - Check
Travel sickness tablets - Check
Spotting and hand entry - working on it!!!]]>
<![CDATA[Triathlon Swim complete - whats next]]>Tue, 23 Jun 2015 04:35:03 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/triathlon-swim-complete-whats-nextI swam! It was a steady swim of 36min 50. No real dramas for me and really nice feeling that the practice I put in created a nice safe swim. Even allowing for the bonus that my wet suit gave me, there has still been a huge improvement in my swim times, more than 10 minutes faster!!

I am now looking towards a swim in September. This one is just a swim, so swimming it just for me. The goal is to take my 3km time under the hour. Which means looking at my fitness and taking out the pauses in my stroke. 

This also means dealing with the ongoing niggle in my left knee a slight tear in my acl. which is swelling up when I do almost any exercise. Weight loss (a while host of benefits especially my knee). 

Current bench mark is 36.50 for 1.9km, 1.55 for 100m so here goes starting slowly and building, yesterday was an easy 1km in the pool, tomorrow is 1.5km and everyday are the balance and single leg squat exercises that will promote the recovery in my knee!!

Plus the number i have been avoiding 72.4kg which required digging the scales out from the back of the bathroom cupboard. the goal would be a 10kg loss but a bit more energy and ease of movement would be just as good!]]>
<![CDATA[1km a day]]>Wed, 18 Mar 2015 03:51:43 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/1km-a-dayRubbish cold this week, so keeping the sessions short. Tuesday was a good session, repetitive 100m on 2.15s, with the swim on 2 min and 15s rest each time.

Going to leave the long swim this week till Sunday hopefully a little more energy and less coughing!

11 weeks to go the count down is really starting!!]]>
<![CDATA[100m on 1min 39s!!!]]>Wed, 11 Mar 2015 03:01:44 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/100m-on-1min-39sHow could I not love my new Blues Seventy wetsuit. Timing myself over 100m I am hitting 1 min 39 seconds, without in the best I can seem to manage is 1min 58secs. So huge plus points that I will be racing in the suit. Over 500m I logged 9.45s and over 1km 20.07s so yes there is definite fatigue over the distance but still a good 2 mins faster over 1 km than previous pool times.

Some of todays lovely times were due to it being a little cooler today and generally getting a better feel for the wetsuit. Current goals are to try to keep a stronger pace and hold the 100m time over 500m, which would mean dropping a whole minute off that 500m time!! 

Definitely on track with 3 months to go! From my first open water swim of the season 1.5 in 46min to 1.9km in 39mins is a huge improvement! I am still looking for 35mins and it is going to take a lot more sea prep to give me a steady swim on the day. Now all I need are some croc watchers to help on a sea swim!!!]]>
<![CDATA[Loving the new wetsuit!]]>Wed, 25 Feb 2015 02:12:36 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/loving-the-new-wetsuitSecond session today in my wetsuit, the first go was on Sunday which showed that over the short 100m blocks the wetsuit was dropping 10 - 20 seconds which is awesome! It has however being feeling pretty tight in the arm and shoulders, which is making them feel fatigued almost immediatly. So today I looked at more steady state no rest swim.

2km time - 40 .19!!!! this is over 4 minutes faster than previous 2 km times so a huge imrovment. So the plan is to fight the fatigue which is still there, practice getting the suit on to get below 40min. Quite exciting the concept of hitting 40 mins flat is looking pretty attainable.

Sundays swim this week is up at Lake Barrine. Previous swims have added about 2 minutes onto 2km my pool times. Yes I know it is supposed to be 1.9km but I have  to allow for a little bit of drift!!

So for Sunday the goal is to get as close to 40minutes as is humanly possible!!
<![CDATA[500m 9.48!!]]>Mon, 16 Feb 2015 01:18:44 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/500m-948So this is week 4 after Christmas break and a definite improvement. Repeated 100ms all under 2min . 500m at 9.48, so over 500m I am able to hold form and timing, now I need to stretch this out over 1km then 2km, then 3km.

Over all the session today was 2km, with some really good stretching and backstroke to finish, definitely needed it as I have started to feel my rotator cuffs twinge a little bit. 

Still waiting on my wetsuit, should be here in time for Lake Barrine on 1st March so that is going to be a real test. it is really important I keep that training going, I really want to feel those physiological difference come the open water swim!!!]]>
<![CDATA[Training this week]]>Fri, 13 Feb 2015 02:36:50 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/training-this-weekMonday 2km
Tuesday 1km
Wednesday 3km
Thursday 1km
Friday 2km

Okay got a few sessions in this week, so big tick for that! 500m times are looking good, holding that 2min/100m (Monday). This is not quite stretching to 1km, because after the initial 500m I am struggling to hold the pace. As this is week 4 back after Christmas, I am starting to see some gains but it is good to remember that the real physiological gains are not going to really kick in till week 6, so definitely a time to push forward not back!!

Plan for next week... 10km
Monday 2km
Tuesday 1.5km
Wednesday 3km
Thursday 1.5km
Friday 2km

Skill goals this week are keeping the stretch and extension but loosing the dead spots, plus getting those land strength sessions, managed a bootcamp on Monday but goal is to get at least 2 strength sessions in per week.

<![CDATA[After two weeks off!!]]>Mon, 02 Feb 2015 06:25:25 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/after-two-weeks-offSo a lovely two week break from everything, except maybe eating a little too much and over using the air conditioning (The electricity bill came today!!). Beginning a big push to June, this means scheduling the long swims and putting the hard speed work.
I am putting in place some things to help. My little one is doing family Day care every Wednesday, to free me up to do well everything, but especially a nice long swim, hello Woree Pool!
I have Friday buddy, to make sure I create a proper session and not just float up and down for 1/2 an hour. Also the very big incentive that I am chasing the times of a girl I trained last year. I am not there yet, but with some hard work I have fingers crossed that I could get close.

Sunday was the first open water swim of the year a 1.9km at Lake Eacham, the lovely Holly baby sat my little one and although some what sleep deprived I got it, I got round and by my watch it was 46.15 for 1.9km. Just waiting on the official times on the mud crabs website. So i was sitting on an average of 2 min 26s per 100m, it is not exact but being that I was on 23min at the half way point I feel that my pace was steady if not exactly exciting.

Initial goal is to get down to 40min flat. I am about to purchase a wetsuit, I am definitely upping my training and I will remember to do the core and strength practices that began on the first of January and have been a little sporadic to say the least.

So this week Monday 1.5km (5 x 100m on 2min, 500m moderate to fast, 10 x 50m under 60s with 20 sec rest)
Core plus push ups
Tuesday 1.1km (100km easy, 100km mod, 100km fast x 3 with 200km back stroke)
Wednesday 3km
Friday 2km (Breathing, timing and sighting drills)
So thats the plan lets see at the end of the week how it went ...

<![CDATA[Getting Closer!!]]>Wed, 03 Dec 2014 05:22:55 GMThttp://cairnslearntoswim.com/my-training/getting-closerQuick update - today 1.5km in 31.35!! getting closer, felt more energetic today and was able to keep the tempo a little more! !]]>